About Us


We are a group of community of people who provides for the care and well being of the thirty-one children in The Tree of Life Orphanage and those who watch over them and care for them in Haiti. Pastor Estiven oversees the daily running of the orphanage.


We supply food and water so that the children and staff will have three meals a day.


We have a water well on site to provide water for the children and staff.


We provide school for grades pre-K through seventh grade. This includes proper classrooms, educational materials (books, writing utensils, backs, etc.).


We hire, train, and supervise 7 teachers for grades K-6 and 5 teachers for grade 7, to make sure that there is a coordinated curriculum and appropriate materials.


We hire a tutor to help the children after school with any questions they may have.


We arrange for a yearly medical clinic to ensure all children are well and following a consistent health program.


We hire four mothers who care for the children by cooking, laundering, playing games, washing them and braiding their hair, and sleeping with the children at night.


We have selected a young lady to help counsel and guide the teenage and preteen girls in the orphanage so that they may better understand their roles as future mothers and productive workers in a male-dominated Haitian society.