As of today, conditions in Haiti have not changed. Protests abound, especially around the president’s residence. The protestors are angry because the president has not followed through on any of his promises, most egregiously- monies that have been given to Haiti by a Venezuelan oil company have vanished unaccountably.   In addition, Haiti has never been able to solve the socio-economic divide between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’.

The situation affects both of these groups. People who have more were advised to stay in their homes for a week. Many people in the poorer sections have to go without food and water for days causing serious health problems.   Bebe is doing his best to ensure the safety and health of the children and caretakers inside the orphanage. Food stores that do have items are few and far between. AND, if a store is found, prices have skyrocketed.  Gas that used to cost $6 a gallon is now $10. Gasoline and propane companies also limit purchases; e.g., we are used to buying 20 gallons of propane, now we can only buy 10 gallons.

As a result, since we cannot afford to buy and serve food for our 200+ community school children (3 lunches a week) and the teaching staff (lunch each week day), we have had to close the school until restoration occurs. (All schools in Haiti are closed.)

In order to get us through this emergency, we need prayers and donations of any amount to get us through the scarcity of goods and the raised prices. If you are so inclined to help us, please make out a check to The Tree of Life Orphanage and mail it to PO Box 324, Katonah, NY 10636. All donations are tax-exempt. Please include your address and e-mail so we can give you credit.