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Le Nouvelliste

Largest News Site for Haiti, but in French


Haiti Libre

A more limited news site but in English


Haiti is in social and economic desperation, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  Acts of violence are commonplace.  Unemployment is pandemic.

Haiti is politically unsettled with frequent changes of government,

It is essential that the children in Haiti are allowed educational opportunities in order to rebuild the infrastructure and pull the country out of crisis.

The Tree of Life Orphanage pays substantial taxes to the central government.  This is unlike charitable endeavors in America and other places.  But the government does take an active role in monitoring orphanages’ performances and in shutting down fraudulent orphanages.  It also provides standards for educational institutions which Tree of Life meets easily.  The Haitian government does not provide funding to the orphanage and school of Tree of Life.

It is the the hope of Tree of Life to provide schooling and everyday essentials to as many children as possible.

Without our efforts, the outlook for many children would be bleak.


U.S State Department Travel Advisory

Current Status: Level 3 – Reconsider travel to Haiti due to crime, civil unrest, and kidnapping.