Our Orphanage


Mission Statement:

The Tree of Life Orphanage is a nonprofit organization that dedicates itself to caring for the needs of thirty-one children by feeding, clothing, and attending to their medical needs. We strive to prepare our children for the future by educating them intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. We are dedicated to giving these children hope for a future and enabling them to make their lives meaningful within Haitian society.



The Friends of the Tree of Life Orphanage is located in Source Matelas, Haiti, which is 40 minutes north-west of Port-au-Prince. The major economy for this region is generated by what is sold in local market places. We are situated on a hilltop on two acres of land. Onsite, there is a dormitory for up to 30 children, a kitchen and storage pantry, a dining room for up to 100 children, and a building with two showers and two toilets. Presently, we have fifteen children with the hope of adding a few more each year until we cap at 30. A solar system provides lighting for the dorm and dining areas.


What We Do:

We are an organization that provides for the well being of our children in the orphanage and many of the people in our nearby community.


  1. For the orphanage children
    • Prepare and serve three meals and water daily.
    • Provide schooling following the Haitian National Curriculum. This includes educational materials, testing costs, and teachers.
    • Hire, train, and supervise four teachers for grades K-3.
    • Have a tutor available to help the children after school with their assignments.
    • Arrange a medical clinic to visit the orphanage twice a year to ensure the children’s health.
    • Hire three adult women who care for the children by cooking, playing games, washing them and braiding their hair, and take turns sleeping with the children at night.
    • Run an onsite Kids’ Club each week that provides fun activities that include lessons on building good relationships and skills to foster emotional and social growth.
    • Conduct a praise and worship service each Sunday at the orphanage to learn about God.

  2. For the surrounding community
    • Provide schooling for 50 children who cannot afford to attend local schools.
    • Run a separate Kids’ Club in the community each week that provides purposeful activities.
    • Partner with a local church to help run a women’s ministry program that brings women together to learn a skill and share Scriptural and life lessons.
    • Sponsor a community summer soccer tournament involving 120 children 15 and under. This program has drawn 500+ spectators each game.