Narrative Approaches for a Domestic Abuse Hotline by Ryo Lumsden

This Friday Afternoon Video explores how narrative approaches — externalising, unique-outcome, re-membering and re-authoring conversations — can be used for a domestic abuse hotline to assist clients in deconstructing their dominant stories and get in touch with their personal agency. Examples are drawn from experiences in Japan and highlight certain aspects of Japanese culture. However, the focus is on the applicability of narrative techniques to counseling in a single telephone conversation.

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  1. dria

    Thank you Ryo for your sharing. I appreciate how you label the type of questions which demonstrate the skills used.

  2. C Dunn

    Thanks Ryo this was just a beautiful demonstration of how the narrative approach can be so powerful even in the shortest of conversations!!

  3. andrew.frager

    Thank you Ryo for this talk. I found it helpful and especially appreciated how you named the types of questions you were asking. Thank you for putting in the effort to share your experiences.

  4. Jordan

    Hi Ryo,

    This was such wonderful information to share.
    Thank you so much.


  5. Tom Hope

    Thank you Ryo, beautiful talk, skilful work

  6. KeXiou

    Thank you Ryo! This is helpful

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